Anand Mishra – An Indian Entrepreneur

Anand Mishra, the CEO of Star Infranet, has always been vocal about his successful online marketing strategies and he is open to the challenges in the marketplace too. Star Infranet is a company that offers custom-designed and tailor-made strategies to the entrepreneurs. As the CEO and founder of Star Infranet, Anand Mishra Indian Entrepreneur has seen a lot of developments and changes in the IT industry. Anand Mishra has also worked as a consulting agent for many local travel companies. His experience of working at senior management positions in various firms made him understand the importance of digital space and online presence for a brand.

Star Infranet: one of the IT companies in India:

Star Infranet was founded in 2010 and now it provides a range of services such as web hosting, development, and design services in India. Under the guidance and leadership of Anand Mishra, the company is also going to target the global audience. The CEO of the company is an inspiration for the young entrepreneurs and he has a lot of advice for them. According to him, the thing that gives them the edge over other companies is that they use a customized approach.

The expert IT professionals in the company first learn about the businesses of their customers and then analyze their needs. The web development specialists then create the exact customized strategy that meets the budget requirements of their clients. Tathastu Information Technology Private Limited is the father company of Star Infranet, and it provides a digital space for the most popular Indian News Channels.

Star Infranet has made it easier for people to create websites according to their requirements. Just a few clicks and the clients’ website is ready and this is helping many website owners around the country. If you want your website to stand out, and need it to have high-quality content as well as be well optimized for your visitors, rest assured, that is exactly what Star Infranet provides.